Dec 30 2008

New Year Wishes

by Edward

Dec 25 2008

Broiler Chickens

by Edward

This is 45 days in the life of a broiler chicken. One that you might have eaten yourself without knowledge.
If anytone thinks this is alright, then I pity them for not having a heart.

Dec 20 2008

How Bacon is Made

by Edward

When you see the final product on the table you often don’t even know which part of the animal you’re eating nor how it came to be that way.
Well, this is where bacon comes from and how it’s made.

As you watch it, please have a think that each one of those bellies belong to 1 pig, 1 life – who had its throat cut and was bled to death in pain.

Dec 17 2008

Why do you eat meat?

by Edward

As a vegetarian it is hard for me to understand why people eat meat.
Through asking a few, I have come across different types of answers. Some which leave no hope for change, others that would consider it.
I am interested to know truly why people do it, so below are a few answers. Please choose the one that most closely matches your views.

Why do you eat meat?

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Dec 16 2008

Human Roast

by Edward

Turkey Before

Dec 15 2008

Alien Cartoon

by Edward

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Dec 12 2008

I Love Meat Too

by Edward


  • I ask you questions that you might not have asked yourself before.
  • I tell you about my own experience being a vegetarian.
  • I lay out all the good AND all the bad things about it.
  • I present you with a challenge.

I genuinely hope to see you on the green side! ;-) Continue reading

Dec 10 2008

Self Improvement

by Edward

For many years now I have been constantly trying to improve myself as a person. To take people’s criticisms, suggestions, and try and work on it. If someone says “you talk too much” I’ll question myself and if I agree with it I will then try to talk a little less – at least to that person anyway.

But in this constant chase for perfection I have achieved things that others can’t quite even comprehend. It’s like trying to explain to a 1 month old baby what “inconspicuous” means, when it doesn’t even know what “apple” means.

Or in another example, try to tell a 5 year old child to sit up straight. You can say it over and over and the child simply never learns… Continue reading

Dec 10 2008

Basic Life Precepts

by Edward

I am an atheist and am completely against religion. But I have found in Buddhism 5 moral precepts that before even finding them I already lived by.

  1. To refrain from taking life (non-violence towards sentient life forms)
  2. To refrain from taking that which is not given (not committing theft)
  3. To refrain from sensual (sexual) misconduct (not committing rape, etc)
  4. To refrain from lying (speaking truth always)
  5. To refrain from intoxicants which lead to loss of mindfulness (specifically, drugs and alcohol)

Number 1 on that list is the one thing that over 95% of the world don’t do. Their morals stop with no hurting humans as if they were somehow more capable of feeling pain and more deserving of being respected.

Dec 1 2008

What’s the beef cost?

by Edward

Got sent this by a friend a while back. Click to enlarge