A poem for the innocent


There’s something incredibly liberating about writing a poem.
I didn’t follow any metric rules or strict rhymes, but the message is there and is one very close to my heart.

Mouth touching death.
Murder of the innocent.
Stale bodies devoid of breath
Unnecessarily heaven sent.

How can guilt not stop you?
When full knowledge you possess
Of the suffering that they go through
Full of blood, pain and distress.

Surely it tickles your taste bud.
But is it really sensible?
They pay it with their blood
And your reward is dispensable.

For the sake of a bit of meat
We deprive them of happiness
With disregard them we treat
And kill them all in masses.

And not single thought is spared
For those who gave their life away.
They died in pain and scared
Just so you live another day.

But they feel just like you do
Yet throats are sliced on your behalf.
Pre-packed they come to you
No flowers, grave or epitaph.

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