We are a group of bloggers providing insight and information about the vegetarian way of life. We have a variety of viewpoints, but we all have a desire to share our experiences and knowledge about vegetarianism and related topics. And we all share a concern about the human use of animals without regard to their well-being. For bio information about individual authors, see the author profile pages.

Veganise.me was started with the goal of providing information to help people making the switch to a plant-based diet. The posts cover a variety of topics, from ethical positions to dietary suggestions and meal planning to humor. We welcome your comments and suggestions on how to make the site better!

Whether you want to transition slowly or quickly, we have resources for you. There are tips on how to plan and cook meals, and suggestions for people who don’t want to cook at all. You’ll also find information on what kind of physical and emotional changes you can expect to experience when you change your diet.

If you have a question about diet, nutrition, lifestyle or any other aspect of vegetarianism, please ask! We would love to help you make the transition to a diet that is better for you, for nonhuman animals and for the planet.

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