End of an era


I have often a strange feeling that I am living in ancient times – it’s like the world has not quite yet caught up with my views. We often hear about slavery, human sacrifice, and disabled babies being thrown out of cliffs, with a feeling of detachment because it’s something that happened so long ago – something associated with old barbaric cultures of the past.

Indeed one of the reasons the holocaust is obviously so shocking to us is because it happened less than a century ago, which is really unimaginable. Yet it’s very strange for me to see people living their lives with no guilt whatsoever when as a direct consequence of their diet, billions of animals are being murdered every year. And were this happening out of utter necessity and the need to survive I wouldn’t question it as it would be part of nature. But at this day and age with food choices so plentiful the reasons for consuming animals are purely because of its taste and nothing more. That of course is an act so selfish that it angers me.

Just so that people have a tasty meal on a daily basis they subject live sentient beings to the most gruesome lives and deaths. Animals who have no voice of their own to fight for their rights like blacks, women and gays have had.

I think it’s time people become more conscious about their actions and the direct consequences of them. I think it’s time that happened with the masses and not only with a few who have access to information and the time and intellect to ponder about it.

How many people go into KFC and think about the chickens who are battery farmed in order to have their “popcorn chicken pieces”
How many people order steak and think about a cow having its neck split open and bleeding to death while they twitch furiously?
How many people would have the courage to do it themselves?
How can it be perfectly legal to do that to a cow but not to a dog or a cat or dare I say a human being?
They have feelings that are exactly the same as ours and the fact that they lack intelligence gives one no right to treat them as such the same way that you wouldn’t mistreat a baby however dumb it is.

It is shocking to me that we’re on the 21st century, surrounded by technology and science and yet these barbaric ancient unnecessary acts still happen and are perfectly legal in developed nations.

I recently watched BBC’s “Kill it, Cook it, Eat it” which showed baby animals being slaughtered in front of a live audience and then being cooked and served to the audience. Hannibal Lector springs to my mind. The problem with this program is that they chose the very best slaughter-house in the country, and free-range farms – when the reality is that most animals live a confined life and suffer a much worst and painful death. During the program under close supervision and the best slaughter-men in the country whilst killing a 3 week old lamb the stun gun didn’t work, the baby creature screamed in pain until they shot its brain with a bolt gun. That is perfectly legal and accepted in our society and I can’t believe that it is.

Where is compassion? How can people be so selfish as to allow an animal to be killed JUST to tickle their taste buds? It makes me ashamed to be the same species as these people.

The way things are developing it’s very hard to predict the future and to be honest I think before all humans become vegetarians scientists will be able to popularize and mass produce meat grown in labs where no animals will need to live suffer and die. Until that happens I really wish that all of you reconsider what you’re doing.

Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to yourself.

My motto is: do whatever you want in your life so long as it doesn’t directly negatively affect the lives of others.

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