Vegatarian FAQ


As a vegetarian I get asked many questions and statements… here are a few common ones and the answer to them.

  1. Why are you a vegetarian?
    Because as any human being I do not need meat to survive and I disagree with making an animal be treated like a product and then be murdered just because it tastes good.
  2. What if the animal died by accident, would you eat it?
    No, the thought of eating a carcass disgusts me no matter how it died. Of course, if someone puts a gun in my head and tells me to choose between eating an animal that died accidentally and one that was murdered I would choose the one that died accidentally – but by choice I still wouldn’t eat it – I don’t NEED it and that’s the point.
  3. But other animals eat meat too, you can’t make a lion into a vegetarian.
    For starters, we’re not lions. Lions don’t have a conscience nor a choice, they have large sharp teeth, they eat meat raw, from an early age they display hunting instincts; put a human baby next to a rabbit and check if it kills and eats it like a lion cub would. If you force feed lions with a diet of potatoes and vegetables they won’t be able to eat it nor will they live very long because they were made to be carnivores. Lions also defecate in front of each other and kill the cubs that were not fathered by them – should you do that too?

  4. But these animals we eat are bread for it!
    How does that make it any better? Shall we start breeding slaves? Shall we start breeding dogs to use their fur to make teddy bears? Or breed humans to experiment on them. Breeding something for a purpose doesn’t make it right. These animals, whether they are bread for it or not, have feelings and deserve respect.
    Plus, salt-water fish are not bread for it, and as a result human’s over-fishing is causing HUGE imbalances in the ocean’s ecosystem.
  5. They are just animals! They can’t think, they don’t care!
    Animals can feel the same amount of pain and fear that we can – they don’t want to suffer, they don’t want to die. Would it be right to kill a human with the mental capacity of a chicken? They DO exist, yet we spend millions with treatments to keep them alive and killing them would be considered murder and would put you in jail. This is called “specism” which a form of “racism”. The fact is that we are ALL animals, but we place higher morals and ethical values on our own species than on others – we somehow consider ourselves more worthy of being alive and being prevented from suffering SIMPLY because we are different species when in fact there is absolutely no reason for us not to apply the same morals to every animal other than the inconvenience it causes us from not being able to “taste” meat.
    It sounds absurd that we do it, but we do.
  6. Didn’t humans evolve a larger brain exactly because they started eating meat?
    If that was true then one could ask why other carnivores are not even smarter than us. Plus, even if this statement was true it doesn’t mean that because of it we should remain with same habits we had 10 or 20 thousand years ago. We used to kill each other regularly, we used to live in caves, sacrifice babies in the name of gods, we used to die at the age of 35. I take pride in having evolved beyond that stage into a man who has compassion for all sentient creatures.
  7. If you were stranded in an island and you needed to kill an animal to survive, would you do it?
    Yes, I would if it was absolutely necessary – being in that situation I would be removed from an environment in which I have a choice and would be put in one where in order to survive I would NEED to kill another animal to survive. That doesn’t happen on your day-to-day life – you always have a choice. Even if you’re at a friend’s house and they made a roast dinner, you wouldn’t DIE if you didn’t eat that day and you could always have the potatoes and I’m sure they would have other ingredients in their fridges to quickly make something different for you.
  8. But then what do you eat?
    Of course your choices are limited because of the fact that most restaurants serve 90% of food with carcasses as an ingredient. But that is a small inconvenience to have to endure for stopping an animal from being unnecessarily killed to satisfy your palate. There are LOADS of options anyway, there are fake meats available, pasta, lasagne, omelette, potatoes, beans, vegetables, organic cheese, free range eggs… really, once you get used to it you don’t even miss meat at all.
  9. Why do you not like to eat food that was near meat or touched meat?
    The best way I can explain it is by giving an example. Say you go to some village in China and they eat human featuses there – so you go to this restaurant and they have all these roasted human featuses on a tray and then some vegetables on another. Would you eat the vegetables?
    The thought of a carcass of an innocent animal being near my food disgusts me as much as that roasted featus would disgust you.
    Most vegetarians don’t feel that way and indeed by eating the vegetables only I am still not supporting the meat industry – so this is more of a “yuk” reason than a rational one.
  10. What difference does it make? Everyone eats meat, so animals are still dying!
    What difference does it make to recycle, to save energy, to save water, to take public transport instead of driving a car, to not wear fur, to not buy from a company that uses child labour… by boycotting a practice you are doing your share and that’s all you can do really. If 100% of people ate meat in the UK there’d be an extra 50 million animals being killed every year to meet that demand – but about 8% of the people in the UK are vegetarians, and on average each vegetarian saves 100 animals from slaughter per year. It all adds up. Then one day there’ll be a tipping point – when 60-70% of the population turns vegetarian, the remaining ones will not have an option any more and then everyone will have to be vegetarians. Similar to when slavery was abolished – suddenly most people disagreed with it and the government forbade it – some people still wanted their slaves, but they could no longer legally have them. Now most people agree that slavery is a bad thing. Times change and with time are values are changing for the better.

    The biggest point is – we don’t need meat to live – and by becoming a vegetarian you are doing your part to slowly stop this horrible practice from going on.

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15 Responses to “Vegatarian FAQ”

  • Chris Beach Says:

    I have to say, you make a compelling argument. Damn.. I don’t know what to say. I guess all I can argue is that we are natural beings in a natural world. And a natural world is a world full of cruelty, whether humans add to it or not.

    Slaughter is a pretty swift process, and were it not for slaughter, animals would live to old age and die slowly and painfully from natural causes. Some breeds simply wouldn’t exist as they would no longer have a “purpose.” I don’t like either of those options.

    I almost wish, myself, that _I_ had a finite lifespan and rather than living into a decrepit old age I could be swiftly taken from this world before it all goes completely downhill and I lose my marbles! Bit of a miserable thought, I know, but old age really doesn’t appeal to me.

    At the end of the day I do agree with you but there are two things that concern me:

    Firstly – from personal experience, the vegetarians I know do NOT seem as healthy as the rest of us. We don’t know the entire chemical composition of meat. To say we can live a perfectly healthy life without eating meat seems like a bold claim, given we also don’t have a complete understanding of our own anatomy

    Secondly, we only live once, and life to me is about pleasure and exploring new things. Food is part of that. Vegetarianism is a HUGE limiting factor when enjoying and exploring new food. I believe that animal life is simply not as important as human life, and of course that’s a selfish point of view. It would be unacceptable selfish if the animals in question led a horrible life and suffered a horrible death, but on the most part they don’t. The rules for keeping and transporting animals give them a better quality of life than we get on the London Underground!

    I do feel like a fraud, really, for making these two points, as I can’t substantiate them and I’m sure you have a better idea of the issues than me. Just wanted to give you my opinion as you’ve so eloquently expressed your own.


  • admin Says:

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog…

    Watch this in it’s entirety and tell me if your views at all change.

    It seems that you have a beautified view of how animals are kept and slaughtered… it’s not swift, it’s not painless, and even if it was it doesn’t make it right to breed and kill them simply to tickle your sense of taste.

    Another point:

    Farming is responsible for 18% of the carbon emissions in the world. Transport including airplanes is responsible for 13%.

    Farming causes deforestation and if the space used for it and if the food given to cattle was given to people, it could feed the whole human population 6 times over.

    Over-fishing is the only way to sustain the demand of 7 billion humans and it has completely imbalanced the oceans. Millions of animals died for lack of food and millions more died by accident being caught on the nets.
    It is said that the oceans will have no more fish in about 50 years if current trends continue.

    Being a vegetarian is not only about compassion, it’s about being aware of the environment we live in and already destroy just for being a species that is unnaturally dominant.
    Being a vegetarian is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes – about thinking of the greater consequences of your actions and the impact that they have in the world.

    If 100% of the world became vegetarians there would be food for everyone, forests could be replanted, carbon emissions would go down by 18%, ocean life would be balanced, we’d reduce your chances of cancer by 50% to 70% (proven statistics), and we would stop billions of animals living miserable lives and getting cruelly murdered every year.

    Being a vegetarian you’re boycotting an industry of evil that only brings pleasure to you but brings misery to everything else.

    Anyway, watch the documentary – it’s all real – it’s the holocaust happening on a daily basis behind closed doors and few give a damn about it.


  • Jason Says:

    Chris, everything you’ve said is either full of logical fallacies or expresses your ignorance of modern day animal slaughter. By ignorance I don’t mean stupidity or any other insulting word, I mean you do not know what really goes on.

    Think in terms of sheer scale. *Billions* of animals killed yearly.

    Read “Slaughterhouse” by Gail Eisnitz to start with. It’s full of interviews with Slaughterhouse workers.

    Please read a couple of books on the subject.


  • Buffee Says:

    YouÂ’re the one with the brains here. IÂ’m wtacnhig for your posts.


  • Divya Says:

    No! I’ve been a vegan for two years and I have tons of energy. Here are some tips:1. Make sure you don’t eat too many carbs if you’re feeilng hungry. Opt for vegetables or fruits or nuts or something more filling. Or else you’ll find yourself feeilng hungry.2. Know what vegetables are really good for you in terms of vitamins. For example, kale has tons of calcium, so you don’t even need milk. You could also get soy milk with calcium. Things like that are super easy to find using google.3. Get your protein! I don’t know if you cook your own meals but if you do, using recipes with tofu is a good choice. If you don’t want to do that or don’t like the taste of tofu, get some nuts like almonds and snack on them (but not too much!).-Those are my biggest tips but send me a message if you have any other questions! Good luck =)


  • Alisha Says:

    I’m nearly idnecital to you. I’m 15, 5’4 , and 140.Honestly going vegetarian doesn’t guarantee weight-loss unless you really pay attention to your calorie and nutrient intake. Vegetarians tend to actually GAIN weight when they first start out because they resort to eating processed foods and carbs. Potato chips, mashed potatoes, white bread, cookies, soda, and most candies are all vegetarian.When I went vegetarian I gained about 10 pounds, then after I started paying attention to the foods I ate I lost about 15. In order to lose weight as a vegetarian, you have to replace your meats properly. When I went vegetarian at first I just eliminated my meats. When my mom made steak, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner, I just ate potatoes and corn.Morning Star and Boca products are good for starters. They are basically fake meat, made from vegetables and soy products. But I wouldn’t eat these excessively, since they are loaded with processed ingredients. You really, really have to make sure you’re eating a variety of vegetables and fruits. Before it wasn’t AS important since you obtain many nutrients from meat. But now you MUST make sure you aim for at least 6-8 fruits/vegetables a day.As long as you’re conscious about what you’re eating and don’t resort to cupcakes and potato chips, you definitely could lose weight on a healthy vegetarian diet.


  • Ryan Says:

    I’m going to have to check out those sites!I love to plan meals, and have done so for about 10 years. This last month, however, I’ve been BAD. I just told a frenid a day or two ago that I need to get back to it!A couple of things I’ve been doing recently is buying a large amount of meat at one time, (chicken or ground beef) and cooking it all at once. I let it cool and then freeze it in individual baggies. At dinner time, all I have to do is heat it up with some veggies, and/or rice and its done. This works great for spaghetti,chili or tacos, etc. Probably doesn’t help you, since you don’t eat a lot of meat, though! ;)Our dietician had a few recommendations, since we are basically down to meat, veggies and fruits: She suggested making LARGE portions at dinner to reheat for lunch the next day. This weekend I did that, and our chicken and veggies with rice one night turned into 3 meals…by the end I used it in soft tacos with blue corn tortilla chips and salsa on the side. Another recommendation she had was to make up large veggie trays in advance and stick them in the fridge, so that they are ready when you need them for meals, or snacks.LOVE my CP for breakfasts, need to figure out some GF recipes for that!


  • Yongki Says:

    hi there! one thing I’ve done for the past two months is chsooe several nights a week that our assigned standards (Monday pasta – save leftover sauce for homemade pizza on the weekend; thursday chili, etc.). Then the other nights I have a “theme” that throws in some variety but is still easy to kind of “know” what I’m going to do – like Wednesday is soup, Tuesday is a rice based thing (usually with a light meat accompaniment in the crock pot – but this would be an easy vegetarian night obviously) – so those nights technically “change” but I know what the basic idea is going to be. I do the plan a month ahead and try to get the bulk of the items I need bought at the start of the month – so then we only need to buy fresh dairy and produce during the rest of the month…can’t wait to read other posts (if I’ve left any room after this ramble!). I love to get meal planning ideas!One more great thing – a friend on my street and I alternate Wednesdays (soup night) – so one week she makes soup for both families and the next week I do it! The day she is making soup I just make dough in the bread machine (and bake it into french bread in the oven)!


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