Why vegan? In 30 seconds or less


So, I recently started a new job at a church and through the normal ‘getting to know  you’ type stuff, the topic of “why are you a vegan?” obviously comes up a lot.  Usually during meals.  This made me really focus on my “vegan elevator speech” or whatever you want to call it. Basically, a one or two sentence statement that qualifies or explains the reasons why you do what you do.  Mine goes something like this:

God gave man dominion over the animals.  Animals are one of God’s creatures that we are to love and respect.  I do not want to support an industry that tortures and mistreats animals.

There, that’s pretty much a light summary of what I believe.  Of course this is usually followed up by one or two notorious questions:

“So if you don’t eat meat, how do you get protein?”


“So I can understand not wanting to kill an animal, but what about cheese and eggs? Nothing dies for those.”

This is good reinforcement for you as to why you believe in being vegan and also can be used as a chance to spark conversation with people who would never think to consider where their food comes from. Also, for new vegans, this might serve as something to hold on to so that when confronted, you have something to say that will, hopefully, knock their socks off.

So here is my question for you guys:

What is /your/ vegan elevator speech? and what are the most common follow up questions?

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19 Responses to “Why vegan? In 30 seconds or less”

  • Edward Says:

    Great question! My answer would be: I have been a vegetarian for 15 years and I’m alive and well. Hence, if we don’t need meat in order to stay alive, how can we morally justify the torture, suffering and murder of hundreds of animals simply to satisfy our taste buds?


  • Christian Says:

    I would say:
    a)Animals suffer a lot in the production of animal products and b) I think animals should not be treated like things or property, but like living feeling beings.


  • Suzy Says:

    The replies I’ve most often had (probably because they’ve had some time to think about it as I’ve beeb vegetarian for a long time) are along the lines of “Humans are naturally omnivores, it’s in our nature to hunt and eat animals” Also the protein/ vitaminB12/essential aminoacid thing.


  • Rob Says:

    I am vegan because it is wrong to deny any animal, including a human, the basic rights to pursue pleasure and avoid pain.


  • sue Says:

    one of my best friends says “i can’t eat anything that used to have a face.” she is a world traveling photographer…who is also allergic to all dairy products. hard times, but very faithful!


  • Vegan Says:

    Animals are NOT property! So we certainly can not eat them.


  • Sammee Says:

    It’s amazing to me that people can be faithful vegetarians and think that eating eggs and dairy products is OK. I recognize that the switch is very difficult and I have a lot of respect for people who are struggling to become vegan after being vegetarian for so long (I myself just became vegan 12 months ago and it was after 10 years of vegetarianism). What frustrates me is that there are people, not posters to this blog, who still maintain that buying free-range eggs and milk means that they are fine and that those animals are always treated perfectly ethically. I tell those types of vegetarians that unless I could get raw milk from a cow who has a name and is a pet and is not milked after what is natural, and similarly from a chicken who has a name and is a pet and is not forced impregnated, I will not eat eggs or dairy products. Furthermore, the ingestion of another species’ milk just disgusts me. Why are humans the only animals on planet earth who regularly ingest another species’ milk after being weaned? Ew!


  • Hannah Says:

    As a very new but very determined vegan.
    I say:
    I just cannot stand the guilt anymore, I cannot sleep at night knowing that for my belly an animal has suffered. I am healthy and happy and guilt free and I have not had to sacrifice too much to do that. Why is it ok to treat animals in such a horrifc way for the majority to be satisfied!? Open youre eyes!!!


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  • Simone Says:

    When asked why am I vegan? i always ask this question back…

    If we could live happy, healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?

    It’s a quote from a farm sanctuary / rescue here in Australia called Edgar’s Mission, they print it on their shirts. It’s the perfect way to plant a seed in someone’s mind. And if they’re open, it should get them thinking.

    Then I usually say if they ask about protein or calcium deficiency, “google vegan athletes! A plant strong diet is many athletes secret weapon!”

    It’s enough to get them googling… & a person who self educates will be vegan before long. There’s too much info out there to be ignored.

    In good health, :-)


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  • Stijn Gabeler Says:

    I am Stijn from Alkmaar, online at STIJN.ONLINE and active as a journalist, humanist and veganist.
    since i am vegan since 8-8-2018
    Always thought it would be normal to eat animals until i became 30 in 2008 i decided to stop eating an animal and became vegetarian on 8-8-2008.
    This felt right at that moment, it was a big thing for me and i was happy but something made me understand that being a vegetarian wasn’t enough, not for me, not for the animals and not for the environment.
    Then i saw many vegan activists on the streets in The Netherlands doing cubes of truth and showing the Anonymous for the Voiceless video’s with animal rights content, this was so shocking to me i really wanted to take the next step.
    But being born in Alkmaar, the CheeseTown in the Netherlands it was hard to let go of cheese, but also the dairy products and eggs. In so many shops and on so many billboards and commercials we get to think that it is allright and normal to eat these animal products.
    But when i started a group on Facebook VEGANYOGAPEOPLE, almost 5000 people joined in a year and it was such a good spirit with so many great Vegan food posts and Yoga stands that this made me see how good life can be.
    And when it became 8-8-2018 it was naturally for me to become vegan.
    Nowadays i look back at it with a smile and am so happy i made it.
    Hope you can get some inspiration from my story. Remember this is my story and it is my reality. You have to decide this and do this yourself. So hopefully you will try to do a vegan challenge and search for more information about veganism.
    Greatings from Holland
    Stijn Gabeler


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