YOU are the change you wish to see in the world!


So the main reason the world doesn’t get better because most of us don’t believe we can make a difference. It’s like we’re all passing the buck and expecting others to do it for us.

  • Save energy? meh, why bother, I won’t make a difference! I like my halogen light bulbs too much.
  • Not buy from companies who use sweatshops? Nah, they sell millions already how will me not buying make any difference?
  • Buy Fair Trade? These people live miserable lives anyway, how will 20p more change anything?
  • Become a vegetarian? The animals die anyway, millions of them – it’s not me who’ll make it stop.

The problem of course is that when most people think that, indeed the difference made is not as big as it could be, exactly because of that. But difference is still made! The more people realise that each and every one of us does make a tiny % of difference, the more we’ll see the world change. It’s simple maths really!

And the process is also viral of course. You change your lifestyle > your friends see you do it > you talk about it > they change their lifestyle > and the message gets passed on. Slowly but surely the world will become a better place!

In the words of the amazing Gandhi: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. And I very much live by that.

So, do your part! In whatever cause that’s dear to you! I guarantee you will sleep much better at night with clear conscience that you are doing the right thing instead of “passing the buck”.

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